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UNFOLDU personalised Learning system

From KG to 12th Classes

Conceptual Videos:

Building Strong Foundation with Interesting Animated Videos in Hindi and English separately

Subtopic Videos:

Get instant explanation of desired concepts with a single click in English and Hindi languages.

Homework Help:

Homework will be a Fun-loving activity for the students with UnfoldU’s text and video

Quick Review:

Your One Stop Solution for revising Important Formulas, Definitions, Equations etc.

Evaluate Yourself:

Analyse your Study Growth with MCQ Tests and Unlimited Test Generator.

Ask Your Doubt:

Clarify Your Doubts in Very Effective Way from Expert Teachers and get Personalized Videos and PDF files of Solutions.

Formulae Book:

Offering all Related Mathematic Formulas of 116 Topics for Better Foundation and Enhanced Learning.


Enhance Your Vocabulary in English, Hindi and Punjabi languages for Better Confidence in Learning and Understanding different concepts.


Let’s Learn the Perfect Way of Abbreviating and Reading Different Mathematical Symbols Effectively.

Discussion Room:

Get Live Interaction with our Experts.

Discussion Room

UnfoldU is offering Discussion Room feature to all its students. Students can have Live Interaction with Teachers and can chat with other students for their doubts and questions. Teachers can use Discussion Room to share audio, slides, chat, video and desktop with students. Teachers can use Built in Polling Feature. Other Unique Features of Discussion Rooms are: -
Chat: - Send public and private messages.
Webcams: - Hold Visual Meetings.
Live Webcams Sharing: - 2 users can share their webcam simultaneously in a particular session.
Emojis: - Express Yourself Better
Breakout Rooms: - Group users into breakout rooms for team collaboration.
Screen Sharing: - Students & Teachers can share their screens.
Multi-User Whiteboard: - Multiple Users can use the Whiteboard at the same

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